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Are you looking for the latest Korean comic books to read in English that have been released in May 2023, but can’t decide which one to read? Don’t worry, we’re here to give you recommendations for the latest comics. In this article, we will share a tutorial on how to read Class 1-9 Webtoon Full Episode created by wooyoub for free and in its entirety.

Reading manhwa can relieve boredom and fatigue after a day of activities. In the digital age, you can easily and conveniently read comics online through various Android and iOS applications that offer digital comics to be read either for free or for a fee.

What are those applications? Some of the applications you can use to read comics online are:

  • Kakaopage
  • Line Webtoon
  • Comics
  • Naver Webtoon
  • Kakao Webtoon
  • Bibibili Comics
  • And others

You can get information about popular and trending webtoons through these applications. Class 1-9 is an English Thriller webtoon that has been read by more than 372,301 people, followed by more than 60,911 people and published on the Line Webtoon app.

You can read this comic or webtoon in English, which is updated every MONDAY. It’s a very interesting comic to read, which has earned high ratings and a large following.

If you haven’t read this latest comic and want to read it, please read the synopsis, description, and easy and accurate reading method below.

About the Webtoon

  • Title: Class 1-9
  • Created by: wooyoub
  • Publisher: Line Webtoon
  • Rating: 9.72
  • Genre: Thriller
  • Language: English
  • Updated every: MONDAY

Synopsis of Class 1-9 Webtoon

This series contains mature themes and depictions of bullying, self harm and suicide, and graphic violence. Viewer discretion is advised. In a twist and turn of events during a school trip to a rural, northernmost province of South Korea, Se-yeon and her classmates find themselves stranded on a remote island off the coast of North Korea. Extreme circumstances drive the youngsters to take extreme measures to survive. Who will live on, and who will fall victim to the harsh reality surrounding them?

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Read Class 1-9 Webtoon English Full Episode

Are you curious about the story of this comic? To read this comic or manhwa in English that is airing today, please read it through the Line Webtoon site or application.

You can download this application for free by downloading it from the Google Play Store or App Store. It’s easy, too!

  • Download and install the Line Webtoon application on your smartphone;
  • Then, after the application is installed on your smartphone, search by typing the keyword or complete title “Class 1-9” in the search field of the Line Webtoon application.
  • You can also easily read it through the link that we will share below.

Reading link:

~ Class 1-9 Webtoon Full Episode ~

Open the link above to read your favorite webtoon, and after you finish it, you can read the Swolemates Webtoon which is just as interesting.


That’s an interesting and complete review on how to read Class 1-9 Webtoon Full Episode for free. This comic is a favorite story that is highly sought after and a favorite of comic book lovers. Happy reading and hope this article is useful!

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