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His and Her Marriage Novel – Reading a novel is an activity of consuming a longer and more complex work of prose fiction, usually in the form of a narrative story. Novels are one of the most popular forms of literature in the world, often providing readers with deep and entertaining reading experiences.

When reading a novel, readers are invited to enter the world created by the author, follow the plot, get to know the depicted characters, and engage with the conflicts or themes presented. Reading novels can stimulate the reader’s imagination, prompting them to contemplate life and providing broader insights and understanding of human beings and the world around us.

Now, for those who enjoy reading novels, we will provide a recommendation for a trending and highly popular novel titled His and Her Marriage.

His and Her Marriage is an English Romance novel that has gained significant popularity. It has been read by many people from various parts of the world. Written by Aka.Lucia, this novel is particularly captivating and has received good ratings, which is why we highly recommend it.

But before we get into that, let us recommend a novel titled The First Heir Novel. This novel is equally fascinating, with an exciting and enjoyable story that you can read here.

About the Novel

  • Title: “His” and “Her” Marriage
  • Author: Aka.Lucia
  • Publisher: KikiStory
  • Genre: Romance
  • Language: English

Synopsis His and Her Marriage Novel

Roxanne hurried to Harvey’s office. After pushing the door open, she spotted the little rascals inside. They were sitting on the couch in the office and swinging their legs nonchalantly.

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The boys lit up at the sight of Roxanne. Scrambling off the couch, they ran toward her excitedly. Mommy, you’re finally done! I thought you’d be staying in the laboratory forever!

Mommy, you’ve worked hard! Are you tired? Sit down. I’ll give you a massage.
They led Roxanne to the couch so she could take a seat.

As Roxanne took in their concern, she suddenly felt it was worth it to get yelled at.
Look at how obedient you are. You weren’t like this when you hacked into my computer earlier! Harvey huffed angrily behind his desk.

Archie declared, It was all your fault, Professor Lambert! You kept asking Mommy to work overtime. Look, she’s getting malnourished!
That’s right! Mommy’s an ordinary human being. How could you ask her to work day and night? Benny chimed in as he kneaded Roxanne’s shoulder.

His temper spiking, Harvey gave a bark of laughter and responded, You’re too overprotective of her! Everyone in the research institute does the same!

With that said, he shook his head and turned to Roxanne. How did your research go?
Roxanne shot him a grin. It went smoothly. I’ll send the data to you later.

Read His and Her Marriage Novel PDF Full Episode

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His and Her Marriage Novel PDF


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