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Savage Castle Novel Read Online. In the vast world of novels, where stories unfold like petals, we bring you a recommendation that has captivated readers worldwide – the Savage Castle Novel. Novels, as a literary form, offer an immersive experience, allowing readers to delve into complex narratives, explore diverse genres, and embark on emotional journeys crafted by talented authors.

Synopsis of Savage Castle Novel

“I have no intention of sharing my bitch. “It means that sharing women is not my preference.”
King Sybil van Ricarlo left the throne due to his uncle’s rebellion and went into hiding in Lugdun, a secluded and barren territory in Travasta. Else von Roate, a poor and beautiful girl who enslaved him.

A rainy early summer. Else, the lord’s young and fragile only daughter,
acquires a beautiful boy from her slave trader who visits her castle. Elze falls in love with the boy
endlessly, giving him the name ‘Ian’, not knowing that he is a boy king who ran away from pursuit .

But he… … . “Do you like me that much?” My blood ran cold. Else looked at him with her collapsing eyes. “You have to come tonight too.” It didn’t matter anymore. Now I know I can’t recover. Else will never win his heart. He won’t love Else. still… … . “You need to hug me tonight too.” If her relationship had a set deadline, if it was a relationship that was not far from ending, she was going to cling to him tenaciously. She was going to extort him, even if it was by force. Then it seemed like she would have no regrets when she died. Even if she dies giving birth to a child from a man she barely knows. She felt like she could live by stroking what Ian had given her until it was worn out. –

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“Who, who…” … .” I didn’t want to admit that the viridian eyes belonged to the man in my memories. “You really don’t know who I am?” It was a friendly question. He grabbed Elje’s chin and lifted it up, as she was left paralyzed with fear. Else hesitated and looked at him. “Do you really not know who Jim is?” Her fingers grabbed as she struggled to free her hand from her chin. It was that evil power. Else groped his face in prison. The outline, which had become more mature and hard, was sharp as if cutting. Every time she blinked, tears flowed ceaselessly. “Nana… … .” “Kiss me.” Her monotonous command cut off Elze’s words.

As Else, unable to support her heavy body, tilted her head and was about to fall, her large hand reached out and grabbed her again. ‘baby… … . ‘Is it meaningful for you to find her father now?’ Else lifted her gaze and looked at him. The child in her stomach seemed to be stamping her feet.

Savage Castle Novel Overview

  • Title: Savage Castle
  • Author: Byeolbola
  • Publisher: Florin
  • Genre: Romance
  • Language: English

Summary of Savage Castle Novel

Savage Castle Novel, penned by Byeolbola, introduces us to the enigmatic world of King Sybil van Ricarlo, who abandons his throne and seeks refuge in the secluded territory of Lugdun. The plot thickens as he encounters Else von Roate, a beautiful girl who becomes entwined in his destiny. The narrative unfolds against the backdrop of a rainy early summer, revealing a tale of love, deception, and the complexities of relationships.

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Elze, the lord’s fragile daughter, unknowingly falls in love with a boy named ‘Ian,’ oblivious to his royal origins. As the story progresses, Else grapples with the realization of Ian’s true identity, leading to a cascade of emotions and intricate twists. The novel explores themes of love, sacrifice, and the relentless pursuit of affection in the face of adversity.

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Savage Castle Novel – A Digital Adventure

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As we conclude this exploration of Savage Castle Novel, we invite avid readers to immerse themselves in this captivating tale. The recommended novel not only promises an enthralling storyline but also opens doors to a digital reading experience through Naver Series and similar applications. Whether you prefer the convenience of apps or the charm of online novel services, Savage Castle Novel awaits your discovery. Happy reading!

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