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The Lycan Kingpin’s Captive: A Baby For The Beast Novel – Novels have become one of the most popular forms of literature in the world. Many renowned authors are known for their novels, and these novels often have a significant influence on culture and society.

Now, for those of you who enjoy reading novels, we will provide a recommendation for the trending and best novel. The novel is titled “The Lycan Kingpin’s Captive: A Baby For The Beast.”

The Lycan Kingpin’s Captive: A Baby For The Beast is a popular English Werewolf genre novel. Moreover, it has been read by many people from various parts of the world. This novel, written by author J. Tarr, is highly intriguing and has received a good rating. That’s why we highly recommend it.

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About the Novel

  • Title: The Lycan Kingpin’s Captive: A Baby For The Beast
  • Author: J. Tarr
  • Publisher: Good Novel
  • Genre: Werewolf
  • Language: English

Synopsis of The Lycan Kingpin’s Captive: A Baby For The Beast Novel

A choice between bearing an Alpha’s child and gaining her liberty or death? Navigating the harsh criminal underworld is no easy task, especially for women. Mira, an unwanted omega born from an Alpha’s mistress, has experienced this reality firsthand. Deemed worthless, Mira is sold to the merciless Russian Alpha, Mikhail Popov, who subjects her to unimaginable cruelty.

Forsaken by her family, Mira faces a life of suffering and violence under Popov’s control. But Mira has a plan. On a fateful night, she seizes the opportunity to escape, taking with her secrets that could destroy Popov. Mira believes she has found freedom, but instead, she stumbles into the lair of Alpha Nikolaos Ioannides, a Greek Alpha with an even darker reputation. As a brutal pack war rages around them, Mira’s options grow scarce.

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However, Alpha Nikolaos makes her an offer: her freedom and independence in exchange for one thing – giving him an Alpha heir. Mira is left with a crucial decision: is she willing to bear a child for the fearsome Alpha in exchange for her freedom? And perhaps more importantly, will she even have a choice? ***
“You want to breed me?” He winces at the term, but nods.“Yes. I need an Alpha heir but in my position, I don’t have time to go out looking for a mate nor do I want a Luna.” Mate; the one thing every wolf wants but no one seems to have. The Mate Bond is so obscure that many wolves have decided not to chase after it anymore. Would I even still be fertile after all the abuse I’ve suffered? What tests did the doctor run that she concluded I was fit to bear an Alpha’s pup?

Read The Lycan Kingpin’s Captive: A Baby For The Beast Novel Full Episode PDF

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However, to read The Lycan Kingpin’s Captive: A Baby For The Beast Novel PDF in its entirety, you can obtain it through an Android or iPhone application called Good Novel. It’s easy to read, just follow the steps below:

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  • Alternatively, click on the provided reading link below.

Reading Link:

The Lycan Kingpin’s Captive: A Baby For The Beast Novel PDF


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