The Northern Grand Duke’s Hamster Novel Full Episode PDF

If you’re on the hunt for a captivating English Romance novel, look no further than “The Northern Grand Duke’s Hamster” by the talented author 플루토리. In this article, we will delve into the enchanting world of this novel, exploring its unique plot, fascinating characters, and the best platforms to access the full episodes in PDF format. Get ready for a journey filled with romance, adventure, and the unexpected twists that make this novel a must-read.

The Northern Grand Duke’s Hamster Novel Summary

Transport yourself into the world of “The Northern Grand Duke’s Hamster,” where the protagonist, after a peculiar accident, finds themselves reincarnated into a novel they had once abandoned. The twist? They are no longer human but have become a hamster, a character who never made an appearance in the original narrative.

Armed with a quest to bring ‘miracles’ to the world, our protagonist, now a small hamster, is on a mission to raise their Miracle Value and return to their original body. The catch? The quest involves saving a character named Kyle Jane Meinhardt, the very reason they stopped reading the novel.

As they embark on this quest, unexpected challenges arise, including the ability to temporarily become human using Miracle Value. However, being a human proves to be more challenging than expected, leading to amusing and thought-provoking situations. The novel raises questions about life, fate, and the complexities of existence.

The narrative unfolds with a delightful blend of humor, romance, and a touch of suspense. The interactions between characters, especially the protagonist and Kyle, add depth to the storyline, keeping readers hooked from start to finish.

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Exploring the Novel

“The Northern Grand Duke’s Hamster” presents a unique blend of romance, fantasy, and intrigue. The narrative unfolds with a delightful twist, as the protagonist grapples with the intricacies of being a hamster tasked with influencing the course of events. The plot’s suspenseful moments and the character dynamics contribute to the novel’s appeal, making it a must-read for enthusiasts of the Romance genre.

  • Title: The Northern Grand Duke’s Hamster
  • Author: 플루토리
  • Artist(s): Randy
  • Original Publisher: RidiBooks
  • Genre: Romance
  • Language: English

Synopsis of The Northern Grand Duke’s Hamster Novel

After getting into an accident, I reincarnated into a novel that I stopped reading.

— Squeak! (What the?!)

I became a hamster who never appeared in the novel.

[Current Miracle Value 1%] [Raise the Miracle Value. It’ll save you from death!]
They gave me, who possessed a small hamster, a quest to bring ‘miracles’ to this world. Then, I could return to my original body.

‘How about saving Kyle? That’s a miracle in a way!’

[Goal decision completed: Save Kyle Jane Meinhardt.] [Selecting the quest…]
However, when I decided to save Kyle, who was the reason I stopped reading the novel, from his imminent death…

“Why are you trying to dance with me? There’s so many people over there!”
“Why? Because out of all those people, you’re my pet.”

Being able to temporarily use Miracle Value to become a human is great, but…
Is it just me or is life as a human more difficult than as a rodent?

“If I tie you up, you won’t disappear.”
“… Don’t you know that confinement is a crime?”

Will I be able to save Kyle and have this world meet a happy ending?

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Where to Read The Northern Grand Duke’s Hamster Novel Full Episode PDF

In the digital age, accessing novels has become remarkably convenient. Numerous online platforms cater to the literary cravings of readers. To immerse yourself in the full episodes of “The Northern Grand Duke’s Hamster,” consider exploring popular novel reading applications such as Wattpad, NovelMe, HiNovel, GoNovel, Dreame, and others. These platforms offer a plethora of novels, ensuring a diverse reading experience.

For those specifically seeking “The Northern Grand Duke’s Hamster” in PDF format, proves to be a reliable source. Follow these simple steps:

  • Visit on your smartphone or computer.
  • Enter the title “The Northern Grand Duke’s Hamster” in the search bar.
  • Alternatively, follow the provided reading link for direct access.

Reading Link: The Northern Grand Duke’s Hamster Novel PDF


In conclusion, “The Northern Grand Duke’s Hamster” is a novel that promises a delightful escape into a world of romance and intrigue. Whether you’re a seasoned novel enthusiast or a newcomer to the genre, this novel is sure to leave a lasting impression.

Unlock the charm of this unique storyline, follow the protagonist’s journey, and immerse yourself in the magical world created by the talented author, 플루토리. Don’t miss the chance to experience the joy of reading this exceptional novel—download the PDF and embark on an unforgettable adventure today! Happy reading!

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